How Long Does It Take To Walk A Mile?

There are times when the doctor orders you to walk at least a mile per day to keep your body healthy. It is important to know how long does it take to walk a mile as well as to talk to your physician about your walking program.

This is particularly essential in case you are having any medical conditions or take any medications. This consists of faint, short of breath, or feeling dizzy while walking. 

Consider setting achievable goals for walking and fulfilling yourself when you encounter your goal. Make the promise to initiate walking your way towards better health. Walking a mile per day will help you get better health. 

However, you must always hear what your body is saying to you and thus exercise safely to avoid injuries. In case it is possible, go with a walking buddy who can help you stay motivated and thus increase your walk speed.

Do You Know How Long Does It Take To Walk A Mile?

How Long Does It Take To Walk A Mile

How long does it take to walk a mile is completely depends on few factors like the walker’s speed, the walker’s age, the walker’s gender, the climate, and so many other things. The typical period that takes to walk one mile for a fit person without any conditions or physical problems is between 15 to 25 min. 

This is typically depending on their gender as well as their age limit. Usually, it will take approximately 15 to 20 min for 20 to 28 years old individual, and individuals above 40 – 49 age will take nearly 15 to 25 min. 

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For strong and healthy men, it may take approximately 14 – 18 min to complete one mile on the other hand, to aging men it will take approximately 18 – 20 min to complete this specific distance. 

This following table shows the transformation in average hiking speed by age and gender:

AgeGenderMiles per hourMeters per second
20 to 29Male



30 to 39Male



40 to 49Male



50 to 59Male



60 to 69Male



70 to 79Male



80 to 89Male




The following figure will give you more precise details when taking account of the normal time taken to walk a mile.

How Long Does It Take To Walk A Mile for a Slow Walker – 

For the slow walker, it may take somehow 15 to 20 minutes to walk one mile.

How Long Does It Take To Walk A Mile for a Fast Walker– 

For the fast walking individual, it may take nearly 7 to 10 minutes to walk one mile.

How Long Does It Take To Walk A Mile for a Moderate or normal Walker– 

For the moderate or a normal walking person, it may take maximally 15 to 18 minutes to walk one mile.

When you are practicing or training daily to walk one mile, it will definitely make you quicker than you were expecting from yourself than normal. And by walking daily you can lose some extra calories

By including an extra-significant distance with a cut off to your day by day separation, it will make you much quicker. In a nutshell, the more you train, the quicker you get. But when you will hike in the rain then your speed may decrease a little

Safety Instructions To Follow While Walking a Mile Every Day

Safety Instructions To Follow While Walking a Mile Every Day

Walking is normally a safe warranted exercise that has been known by many experts’ doctors, but in case an unforeseen risk occurs, a few fitness – related walking instructions are provided below to resolve the calamity

Wear relaxed clothes as well as suitable footwear to avoid shin splints & blisters while hiking the narrows

Choose an appropriate place without slopes or hills that suits the age level as well as suitable for the fitness level of you particularly if you are above 49 years old.

Wear comfortable running shoe for a safer hike or walk

Take guidance from your specialist before you involve in bodily exercises or go for a check-up from your physician in case you are suffering from any disease such as asthma, heart disease or anything like that.

If you simply go for a walk then you won’t have to take many things with you but if you are planning a hike then you must follow a proper hiking checklist

Drink a lot of water before you start your walk and after you end up your stroll also. On the off chance that you are strolling a significant distance, it is smarter to take a water bottle with you. It will assist you with overcoming your pressure and thirst. 

Take a legitimate warm-up to your body on the off chance that you have not to practice in quite a while and it is important to chill off your body an d to get the full benefits of walking/hiking.

BOTTOM LINE:Walking regularly at a lively pace assists with improving your general wellness and has numerous medical advantages. The Moderate-force movement expands your breathing and pulse and improves your parity and coordination. Lively strolling keeps your heart, lungs, and circulatory framework solid.

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