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Hiking the Narrows, or properly saying, the narrows of the Virgin River (North Fork), has converted into one of the utmost renowned treks in the world, and it is for a decent reason. It’s Zion’s hallmark trek. For intermediate hikers and beginners, it can be pretty a challenging quest. Fit, skilled hikers will be amazed by the rising sandstone walls as well as the innovation of walking in the Virgin River for miles at a time.

What Is The Narrows?

The Narrows Hike is recognized as one of the utmost popular treks in the Zion National Park. It’s also a renowned slot canyon trek. The hike can be personalized to suit different abilities of different hikers to burn calories hiking and also to have fun. The Virgin River is the track in this trek as well as is a valley so narrow that the river inclines to cover the bottommost in several spots.

For hiking the narrows, one has to either swim across it or paddle through the water. The cold water of the river makes wet hike apt for the summer times, that is why one must plan hiking the narrows here if the person is a true explorer at heart!

Situated in the Zion Canyon, it has a degree of fluctuating trouble from simple to exhausting and furthermore has a variable length, the greatest being 16 miles. Hiking the narrows comes with various hiking challenges

The Narrows Trek can be experienced both in winter and summer, yet one needs to maintain a strategic distance from the long stretches of downpour and rainstorm as that makes the Narrows climb a hazardous undertaking.

Here’s a point by point guide of the Narrows climb in the Zion National Park with data like how to reach, activities, the best time to visit, and what to pack, so you can design a perfect outing.

Options For Hiking The Narrows:

There is a total of 3 options available for hiking the narrows. So, let’s now check out the options for hiking the narrows below:

Top-Down – Overnight

With the main impediment being the additional load-off for the time being gear, this is the best approach to have the full feel of hiking the Narrows understanding. Go through one night under a cover of stars in the gorge in one of 12 assigned locales.

Plan on hiking the narrows 6-8 hours every day with an average hiking speed and also with sufficient opportunity to look at Deep and Kolob Creeks on the very beginning, and Order Ville Gulch on day two. License required. Max bunch size is 12 people. Try to pack light (under 25 lbs.) The best time is May-September. The beginning stage is Chamberlain’s Ranch, a 1.5-hour drive from Zion Canyon.

Top-Down – One Day

The top-down hiking the narrows is difficult to reach but has a lot of benefits of such hiking. The course crosses private land and the landowner has repudiated consent for the community. Licenses for the climb are additionally not being conceded as of now. Zion National Park is at present working with the landowner to determine this issue. We will refresh this page to mirror any new data on the status of this climb.

This 16-mile hiking the narrows as a one-day occasion is the most arduous alternative. For athletic individuals who are extremely spry climbers. Best done May through September when days are longer. Generally a 10-14 hour climb for most competitors. Scenic in the event that you set aside some effort to turn upward. License required. Max bunch size is 12 people. The beginning stage is Chamberlain’s Ranch.


The most ideal route for first-time stream climbers and those with just a brief timeframe in the recreation center. Contingent upon water stream, this climb is anything but difficult to direct in summer and alright for most children 4 feet or taller. You can climb in as far you might want and turn around whenever. From the parking area, it is typically just 2-3 hours into the segment of Narrows known as Wall Street.

Return climbers discover it takes 2/3 an opportunity to climb back as it did to climb in. Late-winter yields higher water due to snowmelt. October and November guests find fewer individuals in the waterway. The best light for photography is between 10 am and 3 pm, May-Sept.

Normal climbers travel 3-4 miles up the gorge and afterward 3-4 miles back. Base Up climbers are just allowed to climb as far north as Big Springs. Available practically all year. The beginning stage is the Temple of Sinawava. You’ll have to ride the van into Zion Canyon, to Temple of Sinawava, and that takes around 45 minutes throughout the mid-year season.

What Is The Best Time to Go For Hiking The Narrows?

Summer is a decent time to visit the Narrows yet in the late spring months the spot is packed and the jam-packed zone with rising temperatures makes it badly arranged for a few. Something worth being thankful for about the mid-year months as the water chills you off and one needn’t bother with a dry suit.

However, the winter months are most appropriate for this climb and it is less packed and gives one a lot of photograph openings when not swarmed.

Winter is additionally the best time to climb the narrows in the Zion National Park. In winter months, the spot is less packed and with no extraordinary warmth and lower water levels, you can encounter this climb at the fullest.

In winter, one should be aware of the glimmer floods occur in the event that it has come down or snowed in the district as of late. To hike safely you must wear legitimate fit insoles for hiking boots

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